Enhanced Review for Scrivener Authoring

One of our developers came to me recently, excited about how much SavvyDox was helping him in the review cycle for a novel he’s writing.

The authoring software he’s using is called Scrivener, which is popular with writers who are attempting to produce a large work.

What he was most excited about was how much time and aggravation SavvyDox saved in getting the manuscript (or a portion of it) out to reviewers and getting back comments – without having to send out a Word version of the manuscript via email and hope that the reviewers all have Word, and then try to make sense out of embedded review comments, comments via email or other random means.

Instead, he compiles the manuscript to PDF in Scrivener and publishes it to SavvyDox, specifying recipients via email, and they’re all sent instructions on how to connect to the SavvyDox Cloud Server.  Once they connect and install the SavvyDox Reader, they receive the manuscript (automatically) and can just start reviewing and commenting – and he gets the comments back (automatically again), all in one place and sequenced.

Each revision follows the same process, and the reviewers can see exactly what’s changed in each version as he publishes them.

We’ve put together a short video demonstrating this workflow – if you’re a Scrivener user, I recommend you take a look – and sign up for a free SavvyDox account.