04 Feb Safety in the workplace

All employers are worried about the safety of their assets, whether they are computers, oil refineries, chemical plants, nuclear refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refineries, or hundreds of other things. However, even more important is the safety of your employees within those environments.

OSHA standards dictate safety policies in many industries. To comply, companies develop detailed safety procedures that are implemented in case of an emergency. However, as soon as someone prints one of those procedures, they face the possibility of being out of date as soon as a new procedure is issued. If a procedure is on a web site or downloaded from an Enterprise Content Management System, how do the employees know what has changed since the last time they read the policy?

In an emergency, how long does the employee have to read the new document – do they have time to reread the entire procedure? If access to their Enterprise Content Management system is complex and they use it only during an emergency, do you think they will remember how to use the training that they were given months ago? Even if they can remember how to access the system, do you think they will remember where the document is filed? What if the network is down and they can’t access the Internet or their own internal IT network?

How much time would pass between a leak, then a fire, then an explosion that kills multiple employees? Can you afford to jeopardize your employees’ safety if they can’t access those critical documents in a heartbeat?

SavvyDox provides access to current documents within 3 clicks. Employees can have the best of both worlds – organize the current documents in predefined folders as well as in folders where they will keep their really important information. The current documents can be accessed even if the network is down since the documents (not links) were synchronized when their mobile device was last connected. Page thumbnails highlight changes since the last version of the policy that they read – in an emergency situation, they only need to check the changes. They may not have time to read the whole document before the leak turns into a fire or a fire turns into an explosion.

Explore the benefits of SavvyDox, a low cost SaaS application that is easy to implement and really easy to use.

Can you afford to jeopardize the safety of your employees with old fashioned solutions or are you willing to recognize the importance of safety and invest in the latest and greatest solution for fast access to your most current safety policies. Download SavvyDox and get started now for FREE!