Authoring with Scrivener, Reviewing with SavvyDox

Reviewing Scrivener Changes using SavvyDox

Scrivener is a popular desktop solution for authors storyboarding, organizing and creating book or manuscript content.   It enhances writing productivity by helping the author break down large tasks into smaller ones to leverage a “divide and conquer” approach to writing.  What if the process of soliciting review feedback on portions of a book were just as easy to manage? SavvyDox can be used in conjunction with Scrivener to simplify the review process for  reviewers and ensure that an author receives timely and  high quality feedback.  SavvyDox does for review productivity what Scrivener does for idea and content organization and production.

Making the provisioning and feedback process as simple as possible for your reviewers increases the likelihood of obtaining the quality feedback an author requires.   Reviewers are easily added and within a couple of minutes can create their account and start providing valuable feedback.  No copying documents via email.  And no complex merging of suggested feedback for the new round of content updates and reviews.    Active notifications of new books, versions and new feedback are all supplied to reviewers and the author.

Reviewers can control the visibility of their comment feedback – to the author only or to everyone. This helps augment the shared community around the book, its reviewers and the new content, since reviewers can focus on the quality of their feedback rather than the mechanics and authors can focus on the writing tasks rather than acting as a pseudo-IT service to the review community.

Have a look at the video to see how easy it is to use SavvyDox with Scrivener – then sign up for a free account and find out for yourself how easy it is to use with your own Scrivener manuscripts.