03 Mar Mac OS Reader Beta 2 Now Available

Our second (and final) beta of our Mac OS reader is now available from the downloads page. The reader is now fully functional although there remain some UI improvements, particularly in the areas of Notes that we’d like to complete before declaring it ready for production. In addition to many bug fixes and UI enhancements, document tagging has been added for parity with our other Readers:

Document Tagging

Document tagging is available from your All Published Documents folder or for any document for which you are the author. Select the document in the thumbnail view, ensure that the right sidebar is open (3rd button on top right of the top button bar) the and then select the Info button in the sidebar. The list of existing tags will appear near the bottom and you can alter this list as part of a publish update operation.

Changed Content Popovers

Hovering over highlighted changes from previous versions now shows a more appealing grey callout instead of the bright yellow text box that existed previously.