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Simplifying the Confusion

Managing documents, especially using collaboration, can be a very complex, confusing and frustrating process.  Let’s take a look at some key issues that may be encountered. Almost everyone bumps into version control issues.   If you are distributing a Word document via email, version control becomes a huge problem.  Even worse, if you’re the owner of… Read more »

Enhanced Review for Scrivener Authoring

One of our developers came to me recently, excited about how much SavvyDox was helping him in the review cycle for a novel he’s writing. The authoring software he’s using is called Scrivener, which is popular with writers who are attempting to produce a large work. What he was most excited about was how much… Read more »

Document Review for Pages Users

Apple’s Pages word processor is an excellent word processor. And, with iOS 7 and Mavericks, they’ve made it free. That’s a hard price to beat. Although Pages can’t do everything that Microsoft Word can do, this is often more of a feature than a limitation. Pages nails the basic functionality that’s expected from a word… Read more »