12 Dec Document Review for Pages Users

Apple’s Pages word processor is an excellent word processor. And, with iOS 7 and Mavericks, they’ve made it free. That’s a hard price to beat.

Although Pages can’t do everything that Microsoft Word can do, this is often more of a feature than a limitation. Pages nails the basic fun

ctionality that’s expected from a word processor, and does it with a much simpler user interface. And Pages supports an amazing cross-platform workflow with iCloud that makes it easy for an author to work on a document anywhere, on any device.

You can share a Pages document with other users and work together on a document. But sometimes collaborative authoring simply isn’t what you need.

Imagine an author, Robert, working on a book. Chapter 3 is done, and he wants to send it out to some friends to read.

Robert wants feedback from the people who read the chapter. What Robert doesn’t want is for every one of those readers to have an editable copy of the document. In some scenarios that’s the right thing, but for an author, working on a book, that’s almost never right.

SavvyDox does shared review for Pages documents.

On iOS and on the Mac, and even from the web, you can save your Pages document as a PDF. SavvyDox will let you share this PDF with your readers. They can add their notes, and their notes are automatically synchronized back to your copy of the document in SavvyDox.

And on iOS it’s even easier, because you can send the document directly from Pages to SavvyDox by tapping Open In.