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SavvyDox in Contract Reviews

Think of today’s process that is involved in negotiating a contract or an M&A transaction.  The document goes from Lawyer A (Alice) to Lawyer B (Bob) for comments.  Bob marks up the document and sends it back to Alice.  If Bob makes any significant changes or even if a change happens to run beyond the… Read more »

Safety in the workplace

All employers are worried about the safety of their assets, whether they are computers, oil refineries, chemical plants, nuclear refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refineries, or hundreds of other things.  However, even more important is the safety of your employees within those environments. OSHA standards dictate safety policies in many industries.  To comply, companies develop… Read more »

Relieving the stress of Collaborative and Contract Reviews

If you’re the author of a document that is being reviewed by multiple people in parallel, what is the biggest single problem that you face in the review process? If it’s a contract, what is your biggest concern?  We’ve done some research on these two questions and the answers are normally one of two issues:… Read more »

Aligning Document Collaboration with Collaboration in a Face to Face Meeting provides the following definition of collaboration – to work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. There are multiple types of collaboration, so let’s compare and contrast two of the most common forms – collaboration in a face to face meeting and document collaboration. During collaboration in a face to face meeting, everyone hears… Read more »

SavvyDox Improves the MS Word Experience

As we progressed through the design of SavvyDox, it became very clear that we were coming up with a solution that went way beyond version control – it was a whole new paradigm surrounding change tracking and collaboration. The final piece of the puzzle was sorting out how to elegantly allow the document author to… Read more »

Welcome to SavvyDox!

Welcome to the first SavvyDox blog posting – this one really isn’t our typical post, but an intro to SavvyDox. Future posts will focus on specific topics and we’ll alternate between myself, Hans Downer, CEO and our VP Product Development, Dan Lesage. Feedback from our customers validates that SavvyDox is an intuitive and easy to… Read more »