Monthly Archives: December 2013

SavvyDox Improves the MS Word Experience

As we progressed through the design of SavvyDox, it became very clear that we were coming up with a solution that went way beyond version control – it was a whole new paradigm surrounding change tracking and collaboration. The final piece of the puzzle was sorting out how to elegantly allow the document author to… Read more »

Document Review for Pages Users

Apple’s Pages word processor is an excellent word processor. And, with iOS 7 and Mavericks, they’ve made it free. That’s a hard price to beat. Although Pages can’t do everything that Microsoft Word can do, this is often more of a feature than a limitation. Pages nails the basic functionality that’s expected from a word… Read more »

Knocking Down the Barriers for Effective Collaborative Review

It’s all about “me”.  Due to my busy schedule, I have limited time to provide feedback on design discussions, project plans and other technical documentation that I’m asked to review.  Simplifying my review tasks means that my feedback will be more timely and of higher quality. When I author documents, I want to maximize the… Read more »

Where’s My SavvyDox and What’s it All About?

Hi, I’m Dan Lesage, VP of Product Development here at SavvyDox. As Hans mentioned in our Welcome post, I’ll be focused on providing detailed product oriented information to you, whilst Hans looks to help customers best understand the business benefits of the solution in their work environments. If your interest is primarily in how the… Read more »