SavvyDox is used as a standalone or embedded solution with comprehensive features to handle, automate and streamline document distribution, review, collaboration and approval.  The following are some document collaboration challenges that SavvyDox helps address:

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Contract Review, Collaboration, Redline & eSign

Drafting a legal agreement can be time consuming and involve messy revisions and redlines. You’re dependent on team members and other parties with conflicting schedules who may be working remote & even offline. Reviewers may not see each others’ comments, some are private conversations or involve side bar discussions. Leaving you to sort through a rainbow of tracked changes and redlines.

Ensure secure, effective contract review and redlining, with SavvyDox. The revision process is simple, reviews, approvals, due dates and activities are all properly tracked and managed. You collect everyone’s input at the same time — on your schedule. Reviews can be private, between members, with just the author or involve everyone ensuring nothing is missed or duplicated.  Team members and other parties can easily switch and compare revisions, search, filter & identify page changes, insertions, notes & responses. Authors can remain in Word and access all of the collaboration and view current document status and activities. Others can access the document via a browser, or work offline with a native or mobile application without the need for Word or other software programs.

SavvyDox easily integrates with various Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, to automate the contracting process, resulting in faster reviews & redlines with less frustrations & headaches. 

The following video illustrates a simply contract collaboration and redline process using SavvyDox.


SavvyDox comes bundled out of the box with an approval workflow and the capability to esign agreements. Once agreements have been approved, simply send for esignature, get update alerts and monitor the esigning process from within SavvyDox. The non-intrusive capture of all information for the entire contract process, from distribution, review, collaboration, redlining, approval and esigning provides complete contract process visibility and enables SavvyDox customers to fully identify delays, bottlenecks, and properly manage the contracting process.

Solicitations / Tenders and Bid Proposals

Solicitation tenders and bid proposal responses typically involve a collection of documents that all require member collaboration, review and approval prior to publishing or submission. Ensuring secure, effective document review, communication and collaboration is challenging and made even more difficult with tight deadlines and members with conflicting schedules, offsite & offline.

SavvyDox streamlines your entire sourcing / tendering process and bid proposal responses.  Everyone can access and work on the same document, at the same time. Document revision changes, insertions, deletions, notes & responses are all quickly available. Alerts, notifications, timelines & dashboards provide instant document insight & visibility to support member collaboration. Members have the latest document version and can quickly access their outstanding tasks, correspondence & responses.

Built-in workflow lets owners request reviews and approvals be complete by a particular due date allowing them more time to focus on getting the solicitation or response proposal right.

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Policy and Compliance Management

Keeping policies up to date with continuously evolving laws and regulations, and ensuring team members & third parties are reviewing, contributing, approving and communicating those changes can be daunting.

SavvyDox helps alleviate the challenges with distributing, reviewing, collaboration and approving policy changes. Features such as the ability to switch and compare versions and navigation tabs that quickly identify pages with revisions & allow team members and third parties to quickly access and understand policy changes. SavvyDox also captures and tracks review activity. Which individuals opened the most recent document and which pages were viewed, provide invaluable non-intrusive insight for training & compliance monitoring. Local copies of policies can be easily maintained and instantly updated / synced and older outdated versions can be revoked and removed from the native or mobile applications… ensuring only the latest and relevant policies are accessible.

Sensitive & Secure Document Collaboration & Redaction

Distributing and collaborating on sensitive and secure documents such as board minutes, merger and acquisition, defense or policing activities, personal tax & health files, etc can be a difficult balancing act. The need to have access to documents, including the ability to work offline, to redact sensitive or confidential sections and the consequences of document contents being accessed by non approved individuals or leaked from a lost laptop, mobile device or printed document can be costly and severe.

SavvyDox helps with this balancing act by restricting access to those documents. Access granted those documents can be downloaded and stored, encrypted within SavvyDox native and mobile applications and access to those documents can also be revoked and documents automatically removed from those devices. Sensitive or confidential sections of documents can be redacted and available only to specific users and a collection of redacted documents can be consolidated and published in a single document. SavvyDox users have the ability to enable further restrictions on documents, such as restricting document copying, printing or printing with location watermarks. SavvyDox non-intrusively captures analytical information such as who has accessed the latest document and which pages were viewed allowing for further security insights. Documents can also be grouped in collections with the related distribution lists and access privileges.

When integrated with other systems such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), SavvyDox is typically configured to honor access right restrictions defined by those systems for a document .  

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