Sensitive & Secure Document Collaboration & Redaction

Distributing and collaborating on sensitive and secure documents such as board minutes, merger and acquisition, defense or policing activities, personal tax & health files, etc can be a difficult balancing act. The need to have access to documents, including the ability to work offline, to redact sensitive or confidential sections and the consequences of document contents being accessed by non approved individuals or leaked from a lost laptop, mobile device or printed document can be costly and severe.

SavvyDox helps with this balancing act by restricting access to those documents. Access granted those documents can be downloaded and stored, encrypted within SavvyDox native and mobile applications and access to those documents can also be revoked and documents automatically removed from those devices. Sensitive or confidential sections of documents can be redacted and available only to specific users and a collection of redacted documents can be consolidated and published in a single document. SavvyDox users have the ability to enable further restrictions on documents, such as restricting document copying, printing or printing with location watermarks. SavvyDox non-intrusively captures analytical information such as who has accessed the latest document and which pages were viewed allowing for further security insights. Documents can also be grouped in collections with the related distribution lists and access privileges.

When integrated with other systems such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), SavvyDox is typically configured to honor access right restrictions defined by those systems for a document .  

Locked - Restricted - Document - Transparent.png