Solicitations / Tenders and Bid Proposals

Solicitation tenders and bid proposal responses typically involve a collection of documents that all require member collaboration, review and approval prior to publishing or submission. Ensuring secure, effective document review, communication and collaboration is challenging and made even more difficult with tight deadlines and members with conflicting schedules, offsite & offline.

SavvyDox streamlines your entire sourcing / tendering process and bid proposal responses.  Everyone can access and work on the same document, at the same time. Document revision changes, insertions, deletions, notes & responses are all quickly available. Alerts, notifications, timelines & dashboards provide instant document insight & visibility to support member collaboration. Members have the latest document version and can quickly access their outstanding tasks, correspondence & responses.

Built-in workflow lets owners request reviews and approvals be complete by a particular due date allowing them more time to focus on getting the solicitation or response proposal right.

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