Monthly Archives: March 2014

Enhanced Review for Scrivener Authoring

One of our developers came to me recently, excited about how much SavvyDox was helping him in the review cycle for a novel he’s writing. The authoring software he’s using is called Scrivener, which is popular with writers who are attempting to produce a large work. What he was most excited about was how much… Read more »

SavvyDox in Contract Reviews

Think of today’s process that is involved in negotiating a contract or an M&A transaction.  The document goes from Lawyer A (Alice) to Lawyer B (Bob) for comments.  Bob marks up the document and sends it back to Alice.  If Bob makes any significant changes or even if a change happens to run beyond the… Read more »

Mac OS Reader Beta 2 Now Available

Our second (and final) beta of our Mac OS reader is now available from the downloads page.  The reader is now fully functional although there remain some UI improvements,  particularly in the areas of Notes that we’d like to complete before declaring it ready for production.  In addition to many bug fixes and UI enhancements,… Read more »