Use Cases

Publish and track important documents on the go– SavvyDox puts you in control.

 Legal Documents 

Sending your file out for revisions is messy. You’re dependent on other people’s schedules. Reviewers may not see each others’ comments. And you’re left to sort through a rainbow of tracked changes.

With SavvyDox, the revision process is simple. You collect everyone’s input at the same time — on your schedule. All reviewers can see and comment on suggested changes at the same time, so nothing is missed or duplicated. Now the pen is in one person’s hand — yours. Scan comments easily and incorporate changes in your style.


How do you get the most recent draft legislation into the hands of busy members of government. Sending documents by email is tedious, and there’s no way to tell what’s been read. People waste time on outdated versions. And collecting feedback is haphazard.

SavvyDox pushes the latest version of a document directly to legislators while they’re on the go. You can track who has read what. And since it’s so easy to review changes and make comments, you get the input you need and the assurance that people are voting on the right bill.

 ERP Projects 

Coordinating all the process documents is a challenge with many authors involved. Email gets unwieldy and can overload the system. You can’t rely on team members to pull down the latest document from a central site. People in the same room waste time looking at different versions.

With SavvyDox, project team members bring their iPads to the meeting. Everyone looks at the same draft of the document, which is refreshed automatically when changes are made. Risk, confusion, rework, and implementation time are all reduced, which improves overall margin and customer satisfaction on the project.

 Board Meetings 

Board members and executives have little time to go through documents before important meetings. They’re always on the move, traveling between offices and working from home. Inboxes are stuffed with email messages. Sorting through different versions is a hassle

SavvyDox makes it easy to review a document anywhere, anytime. All the material is available through one app. Look over the changes with the tap of a finger. See who said what. Read through deals and proposals from the office, limousine, airport, plane, or hotel room. Decisions get made faster with less meeting time because everyone has the latest info.

 Real Estate Contracts 

In today’s real estate market, selling the property is the easy part! Managing the contract process is the hard part. Let SavvyDox simplify the contract process so you can spend more time selling

 Marketing & Product Management 

Does your marketing team have problems with collaboration and version control on marketing collateral, marketing plans, or even product specifications for R&D? See how SavvyDox simplifies the collaboration and version control process for you.

 Research & Development 

Your R&D team needs to focus their time on developing products, not on making sure they have the right version of a document. See how SavvyDox simplifies the collaboration process while creating product specifications and how easily it ensures version control for your whole R&D team.

 Social and Medical Cases 

Social workers and mobile health care providers are always out on their rounds. They’re visiting children, new mothers, the elderly, substance abusers, and other clients who can’t come to the clinic or hospital. They need the latest details on a case before they visit, to refresh their memory or review notes from colleagues.

SavvyDox takes the stress out of managing paperwork. Case notes and procedures are in one place on your tablet — much less intrusive than a laptop. Read and add public or private notes to documents during a visit. Being informed means you can provide better personalized care.

 Construction Projects 

Clients and contractors want answers right away, but you can’t bring a tower of paper into the field. Digital documents are stuck on the office server, hidden in a complex folder structure. Pulling up the page you need can be time-consuming or impossible.

Trade all that for instant answers with a lightweight tablet and a single app. A few taps and you’re reading securely without logging in to an office network. Read with confidence that you’ve got the latest version. Quickly jump to the pages that changed since you last read. Save time and money with fewer errors and mixups. Impress your clients with quick, professional access to documents.

 Medical Protocols 

Nurses need to know the latest patient protocols so they can implement them immediately to save lives or money. But with current systems that rely on paper, websites, or email, how can you be confident that nurses have the crucial information they need?

In today’s hospitals, iPads are being deployed for patient record tracking and other medical systems. SavvyDox lets you push vital protocols to devices already in nurses’ hands. They can be fully productive in 10 minutes, organizing documents into groups and reviewing highlighted changes. They can even add private notes to help them recall knowledge they’ve gained on the floor. And you have detailed reports assuring you that staff members have read the protocols they need act on.

 Operating Procedures 

The risks and liabilities for ongoing operations in demanding industries can be enormous. And the documents that minimize those risks are useless unless they’re reviewed and followed by everyone involved. You don’t want people waiting until they get back to the office to check a key detail.

With SavvyDox, you can guarantee that employees have current copies of all the procedures they need, right in their messenger bag. Cut back on costly mistakes and needless rework. Monitor who is reading what to ensure compliance and satisfy audit requirements.

 Project Management 

Pilot tests validated a 15 day payback and 100% ROI in the first month using SavvyDox to simplify version control of project plans. See how SavvyDox can simplify project management.

 Wealth Management 

How do your field representatives keep their customer presentations current on their iPads? How do they know what has changed since the last version? See how SavvyDox addresses both of those issues.

 ISO Processes, Safety and QA 

In your manufacturing environment, how do you know if your production supervisors have read the most recent quality advisories, safety policies or most recent ISO process documents? SavvyDox addresses that issue with a very intuitive and simple solution.

 Pharma Compliance 

In your pharmaceutical company, how do you handle version control on the mass of documents that are circulated outside of your normal compliance systems? Would a simplified solution help improve productivity and compliance?

 Government Version Control 

Governments generate documents galore – collaboration and version control is always a problem. See how SavvyDox simplifies collaboration and tames the Version Control Monster.

 Contract Reviews 

Do you have problems sorting through all the multicolored changes and strikeouts on a contract after a few revisions? Have you encountered a problem when the writing style of one person doesn’t align with the author’s writing style and all of a sudden, you have unintended loopholes in your contract? See how SavvyDox simplifies the process.

 Hospital Compliance 

How do you ensure that your doctors and nurses have immediate access to current protocols and procedures? What happens if they don’t and you fail a compliance audit? The reduction in government funding is at least ten times what you would pay to implement SavvyDox to address those problems proactively.

 Extended ECM 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are powerful, scalable, and highly customizable solutions for document management. However, they are also costly, complex, and require an inordinate amount of end user training to achieve all of the promised benefits. As a result, over 60% of ECM users are not satisfied with their ECM according to a survey completed by Forrester. If you are part of that 60%, see how SavvyDox can address your concerns with a simplified front end to your ECM.