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New SavvyDox for Mac

On your financial services team, how many of your wealth management advisors use iPads for customer presentations?  How do you ensure that they always have the latest copy of the presentation on their iPad?  How do they know what has changed in the latest version of that presentation to avoid being embarrassed with no answer when the customer asks “How is that different than what I saw 6 months ago?”

Make your field team more productive, sell more products, and improve your top and bottom line with SavvyDox – a cloud based SaaS application that simplifies mobile document management and collaboration.

Version Control

We always ensure that your computer has the most recent version of the document AND we highlight the changes from the previous version.  It even works with your ever popular PowerPoint presentations to highlight changed pages.

Microsoft Word Change Tracking Alternative

SavvyDox provides an easy to use alternative to MS Word Change Tracking that eliminates all the various colors and strikeouts that are so frustrating to see – even while you still continue to use Microsoft Word to create and modify your documents.

Fully functional within 10 minutes

Instead of spending a full day in training classes, SavvyDox users are fully productive within 10 minutes of viewing a 5-7 minute on line video tutorial. 


The documents are transmitted securely encrypted from the cloud server to purpose built iPad and PC readers.  The documents are stored encrypted on the PC and iPad using the native encryption capabilities of those devices. That’s important for the sensitive files handled by Wealth Management Professionals.

Parallel and Synergistic Collaboration

SavvyDox’s unique change control process allows all users to share their suggested changes in a parallel review process that provides the author with one stream of suggested changes sequentially aligned by documement location.

Mobile and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly.
Try our free starter offer offer – experience the ease of use of SavvyDox & validate the benefits to your organization.