Getting Started with SavvyDox

Welcome to SavvyDox!

Getting Started is as easy as 1, 2, 3: (click arrows to expand / collapse sections):


Install the SavvyDox Reader for Windows:

  • Download it from the SavvyDox Downloads area.
  • Make sure you have Administration privileges and are running Windows 7 or higher.

Install the SavvyDox Reader for iPad from the Apple App Store:

  • Note: the SavvyDox reader for iPad requires iOS 7 or higher

Install the SavvyDox Reader for Mac OS X from the Apple Mac App Store:

  • Note: the SavvyDox reader for Mac OS X requires OS X 10.8 or higher
  • Direct download link:  SavvyDox for Mac


  • Open your SavvyDox Reader.
  • Click the “Don’t Have an Account?” link
  • Fill in your display name, login name, email address, and password.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service
  • Click Submit
  • You will then be sent an email requesting that you validate your signup.
  • Open the email you were sent and click the Validate My Account link.
  • You will be taken to a validation page with your username.  You need to enter the password you just created in order to complete the validation process.
  • Click the Validate button

If you are responding to an invitation to sign up for a SavvyDox account, you’ll need to complete your registration:

  • Click on the Register button in the email you were sent,
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you get to fill in your display name, login name, and password.   The email address needs to stay the same.

Note: A separate validation step is not required for invitations


  • Login to the SavvyDox Server using your Readers, using your credentials:
    • Username: (the login name you created)
    • Password: (the password you assigned)
    • Server URL: (should be already set to
  • Click on your All Received Documents collection
  • Check out the Getting Started Guides to get an overview of the key components of the SavvyDox software suite.

Once you are all set up, here’s more you can do :


  • Save one of your source documents in PDF format.
  • Login to your account using the Web Portal
  • Click the Add Document button at the top.
  • Select the PDF document you are working, with and click “Upload File”
  • In the “Modify Recipients” dialog, add yourself as a recipient of the document and publish it to yourself by clicking “Notify”.
  • See it arrive in your SavvyDox Reader All Received Collection
  • Make some changes to the source document, save as a PDF and republish as a new version by clicking the version icon in the Web Portal and uploading the new file.
  • Check out the changes in the SavvyDox Reader.
  • Try adding some notes to your document using the Annotations feature.

See the Getting Started Guides for more information on how to upload, view changes, and add notes.


  • Download the SavvyDox AddIn for Microsoft Office from the SavvyDox Downloads area
  • Close Microsoft Office applications that are running
  • Install the SavvyDox AddIn (requires Administrator priviledges)
  • Reopen Microsoft Word or Powerpoint (2013 or 2010 SP1)
  • Click the SavvyDox tab.
  • Click the Connect button and login with your SavvyDox credentials
  • Click the Publish button when you are ready to publish your document


  • Collaborate with other users by publishing to existing users or inviting them to sign up to SavvyDox using their email address in the Invite via Email box.   Add some notes to your documents and share them with the author or with other users.
  • Administer your account or change your password using the Web Portal.
  • If you have forgotten your password, use the “Having troubling logging in?” link on the Web Portal login page
  • If you are using the SavvyDox Reader for iPad, upload a PDF using the “Open In” option from the iPad app that has the document and tapping the “SavvyDox Reader” icon.


For Help, Tutorials, and More Detailed Product Information, go to SavvyDox Support area and click the appropriate button:

  • Support Videos provides overview and detailed feature videos
  • SavvyDox Documentation contains product documents describing the system.
  • Provide Feedback or Report Issues with the Provide Feedback button.
  • The Downloads button will take you directly to the product downloads page

You can get back to this page at any time from the user profile menu in the Web Portal or directly by bookmarking this Getting Started page.