Version Control on Product Specifications

iPad Reading Experience

Publishing using MS Word

New SavvyDox for Mac

Does your R&D team have desktops, laptops and iPads?  How do you ensure that they always have the current copies of product specs on every one of their devices?  What happens if they get 4 weeks into development and realize that they have the old version of the product spec?  Version control – a menace for everyone in every organization.  However, in R&D old versions of documents jeopardize product functionality, delivery dates, customer commitments, cost, and the beginning of revenue generation.  Can you afford all those risks if you have version control issues? 

Tame that version control monster with SavvyDox.  The SavvyDox cloud based application ensures that everyone has the current version on all of their devices – iPads, PCs, and Macs.  Not only do they have the current version, they readily see the changes from the last version that THEY read without having all the mess of MS Word Change Tracking colors and strikeouts. 

Version Control

SavvyDox always ensures that all your staff has the same version of a document – the current one! They don’t have to go searching for the changes; SavvyDox highlights the pages that have changed using page thumbnails, so that changes can be implemented immediately to address compliance requirements. No more worrying about missing that important change.

Parallel and Synergistic Collaboration

SavvyDox’s unique collaboration process allows all users to share their suggested changes while Product Specifications are being developed. SavvyDox’s unique Collaborative Review process provides a parallel & synergistic involvement from the whole team.

Microsoft Word Change Tracking Alternative

SavvyDox provides an easy to use alternative to MS Word Change Tracking that eliminates all the various colors and strikeouts that are so frustrating to see – even while you still continue to use Microsoft Word to create and modify your documents.

Easy to Use with minimal training

The simple and refreshingly intuitive user interface provides you with that capability using a SaaS model that doesn’t cost a fortune to start up and your team can be fully productive within 10 minutes of watching a brief online video tutorial. 


The documents are transmitted securely encrypted from the cloud server to purpose built iPad and PC readers both inside and outside your ECM workgroup.  The documents are stored encrypted on the PC and iPad using the native encryption capabilities of those devices.

Mobile Support and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly. Your employees can start reading on their PC at work and complete the reading on an iPad at home. The system even returns a reader to the last page read, even if you use a PC at work and an iPad at home – or vice versa.

Sound to good to be true?  Check it out by setting up your own 5 user trial with the Freemium offer. You’ll love it!