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If you are an author of a document or book, you face multiple challenges – writer’s block, lack of ideas, lack of confidence, isolation, and the list goes on and on.

Buried in that list of concerns is productivity. Productivity is normally addressed using technology coupled with lifestyle choices to keep your mind sharp. Let’s review the technology.
Microsoft Word is a great tool for document authoring and management that includes numerous features to make your life easier.

However, if you’re like the vast majority of people, you probably hate Track Changes. You send a document out for review to 5 people and you get 5 documents back. All of them are marked up, some of the changes make no sense if others are applied, some of them are in direct conflict and in all cases, YOU have to sort out how to implement those changes in your document. You have to do it one document at a time and that is painful. You may even have to call the reviewers to understand their views on conflicting changes.

Rather than having reviewers comment on your document in isolation, what if all of those changes were reviewed in parallel by everyone? What if everyone could provide threaded responses to comments that they didn’t agree with or wanted to amplify? The reviewers simplify your work because they now work as a synergistic team rather than isolated individuals.
What if the biggest benefit happened when you received the changes back? Rather than multiple disconnected documents, what if you received one stream of comments aligned with the page you are reading? What if different views on the same sentence provided threaded comments to explain the differences?

SavvyDox provides all those benefits and more.