Real Estate Contracts

iPad Reading Experience

Publishing using MS Word

New SavvyDox for Mac

In today’s real estate market, selling the property is the easy part!  Managing the contract process makes life difficult. Let SavvyDox help you improve your contract management process and free up more time to identify new opportunities and close more deals. 

Version Control

SavvyDox always ensures that you and your client have the same version of a document – the current one! You don’t have to go searching for the changes, SavvyDox highlights the pages that have changes using page thumbnails. No more worrying about missing that important change.

Alternative to Microsoft Word Change Tracking

During the contract process, as the document goes back and forth, Microsoft Word Change Tracking colors and strikeouts make it very difficult to track and manage changes.  Mutliple author’s changes sometimes introduce legal loopholes that were not intended. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could provide an alternative that merely highlighted the changes since the last document that YOU read without all the messy colors and strikeouts – AND still allow you to Microsoft Word to create and manage documents?  Someone can finally do that – SavvyDox

Easy to Use with minimal training

The simple and refreshingly intuitive user interface provides you with that capability using a SaaS model that doesn’t cost a fortune to start up and your team can be fully productive within 10 minutes of watching a brief online video tutorial. 

Mobile and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly.
Sound too good to be true? Try our free starter offer offer – experience the ease of use of SavvyDox & validate the benefits to your organization.