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How do your project managers handle version control on their project plans and customer requirements? Do project reviews require everyone to bring dated paper copies of the plans to the project reviews?  In a pilot test, SavvyDox validated an immediate payback when benefits exceeded cost in the first month of deployment

Instead of having 9 busy executives spend 15 minutes in every meeting syncing up their views of the latest project plan, they all now walk in with mobile devices that contain the current plans with changes from the previous version clearly highlighted – without all the hassles of Microsoft Word Change Tracking adding multiple colors and strike outs.  SavvyDox works on a PCs and iPads and a Mac client is almost finished. Users are fully productive within 10 minutes of viewing a brief on line video tutorial. Since it is a SaaS model, SavvyDox is affordable and rapidly implemented.

Payback Period in Pilot 15 Days
ROI in Pilot after one month 100%

Version Control

SavvyDox always ensures that everyone on the project team has the same version of a document – the current one! They don’t have to go searching for the changes; SavvyDox highlights the pages that have changes using page thumbnails. No more worrying about missing that important change.

Parallel and Synergistic Collaboration

SavvyDox’s unique change control process allows all users to share their suggested changes to the project plan in a parallel review process that provides the author with one stream of suggested changes sequentially aligned by document location.

Alternative to Microsoft Word Change Tracking

During the project specification development, as the document goes back and forth, Microsoft Word Change Tracking colors and strikeouts make it very difficult to track and manage changes.  Multiple authors’ changes sometimes introduce unexpected confusion. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could provide an alternative that merely highlighted the changes since the last document that YOU read without all the messy colors and strikeouts – AND still allow you to Microsoft Word to create and manage documents?  Someone can finally do that – SavvyDox

Complements an Enterprise Content Management System or can be run standalone

SavvyDox’s easy to use collaborative solution makes the ideal complement to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System to simplify a complex review process. If you don’t have an ECM, SavvyDox can even run as a standalone system.

Fully functional within 10 minutes

Instead of spending a full day in training classes, SavvyDox users are fully productive within 10 minutes of viewing a 5-7 minute on line video tutorial. 


The documents are transmitted securely encrypted from the cloud server to purpose built iPad and PC readers.  The documents are stored encrypted on the PC and iPad using the native encryption capabilities of those devices. That’s important for the sensitive files handled by Wealth Management Professionals.

Mobile and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly.
Try our freemium offer and see for yourself how SavvyDox can help you differentiate your team from the crowd with a simple to use, intuitive leading edge application.