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How do you keep everyone in sync on the current version of a contract? Sending out a Word document to 5 separate clients forces them to review it insolation rather than in a synergistic collaborative review. Allowing multiple authors in a single document can create havoc – conflicted copies, different writing styles creating loopholes in the contract, clients adding changes that aren’t picked up by Microsoft Word Change tracking. Do any of those issues sound familiar to you? Let SavvyDox provide the answers with an innovative and easy to use application focused version on control and collaborative reviews. It even runs on mobile devices to allow your clients to read and suggest changes using an iPad. SavvyDox is a SaaS based model, so you can be up and operational quickly and inexpensively.
SavvyDox is easier for the clients, easier for the lawyers, and produces a much cleaner document using a parallel and synergistic review process.

What happens when there is a version control problem?

Here is anecdotal experience that was recently shared with SavvyDox. Two legal teams were working on a $100 Million deal and both worked diligently to come up with a mutually agreeable contract. However, when the contract was signed, their clients both signed the wrong version of the contract! Can you imagine being a lawyer going back to a client saying you just signed the wrong version of a $100 Million deal?

What happens when the partner enters changes to a contract that Word Change Tracking doesn’t identify? Several years ago, a large multinational company was about to sign a major outsourcing deal with a partner. The contract was heavily debated, several compromises agreed, and the deal was about to be signed in front of dignitaries. Ten minutes before the deal was to be signed, the lawyers rushed into the room and noted that the outsourcing partner had made changes to the contract that had not been picked up by Word Change Tracking. Can you imagine being the lawyer who had to make that proclamation to the executive in charge ten minutes before a major announcement?

Version Control

SavvyDox always ensures that you and your client have the same version of a document – the current one! You don’t have to go searching for the changes; SavvyDox highlights the pages that have changes using page thumbnails. No more worrying about missing that important change.

Alternative to Microsoft Word Change Tracking

During the contract process, as the document goes back and forth, Microsoft Word Change Tracking colors and strikeouts make it very difficult to track and manage changes.  Multiple authors’ changes sometimes introduce legal loopholes that were not anticipated. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could provide an alternative that merely highlighted the changes since the last document that YOU read without all the messy colors and strikeouts – AND still allow you to Microsoft Word to create and manage documents?  Someone can finally do that – SavvyDox

Parallel and Synergistic Collaboration

SavvyDox’s unique change control process allows all users to share their suggested changes in a parallel review process that provides the author with one stream of suggested changes sequentially aligned by document location.

Complements an Enterprise Content Management System or can be run standalone

SavvyDox’s easy to use collaborative solution makes the ideal complement to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System to simplify a complex review process. If you don’t have an ECM, SavvyDox can even run as a standalone system.

Fully functional within 10 minutes

Instead of spending a full day in training classes, SavvyDox users are fully productive within 10 minutes of viewing a 5-7 minute on line video tutorial.


The documents are transmitted securely encrypted from the cloud server to purpose built iPad and PC readers.  The documents are stored encrypted on the PC and iPad using the native encryption capabilities of those devices. That’s important for the sensitive files handled by legal professionals.

Mobile and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly.
Try out our freemium offer to experience the refreshingly intuitive interface and validate the benefits for yourself.