Hans Downer


Hans Downer – President and CEO

Hans joined SavvyDox on Sept. 11, 2012.

Hans has 20+ years of executive management experience with Nortel, Entrust, Mxi Technologies and March Networks as well as startup experience as CEO of Jinitech, an Ottawa based company.  His background includes sales, marketing, post sales support, IT, and general management.  In these roles, Has had Global responsibilities and worked in 3 extremely high growth environments.  He spent 20 years living in the United States, returning to Canada in 2004.

While working as VP Customer Support in Nortel’s Northeast region, Hans had responsibility for developing a $200 Million product sales proposal for NYNEX, resulting in an award of $110 Million.  While at Entrust, Hans grew services revenues from $1 M to $60 M in 5 years, grew Canadian sales by 131% in his first year managing the team, and was responsible for a $70 M P&L.  At Mxi Technologies, his sales team grew revenues from $16 M to $41 M in his first 2 years, while personally closing multi-million dollar deals with KLM/Air France, Qantas, NetJets, and LAN Chile.

Hans is very focused on building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with investors, alliance partners and customers since he views that as an essential cornerstone in a successful company.

Hans holds a Bachelor of Mathematics Degree from the University of Waterloo and completed the Strategic Marketing Management program at Harvard University