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Version control is a very big problem in governments worldwide due to the large volume of documents, large number of reviewers for each document, and large number of employees creating documents for review.

Most governments deploy an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to assist with version control, but a Forrester survey in 2011 found that 60% of ECM users are not satisfied with their ECM. Are you part of that 60%?

If you are a government employee, how may documents do you send or review per day? If you’re the author and your reviewers each send you a unique word document identifying their suggested changes, how much time do you spend sorting out overlapping changes from multiple reviewers? If you’re a reviewer, how do you determine the most recent changes in the myriad of colors and strikeouts created by Microsoft Word Change Tracking?

The easy to use, intuitive interface of SavvyDox helps tame the version control nightmare and act as a complementary application to help improve the usability and customer satisfaction with an installed ECM solution.

SaaS Solution OR Perpetual Licenses on a Private Cloud

SavvyDox is a SaaS based offering that can be purchased by governments as perpetual licenses in large volumes if required.  It can run on a public cloud or it can be hosted on government secured servers. 

Version Control

It ensures that everyone has current copies of documents that they are developing or reviewing and interfaces can be readily developed to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems if required.  SavvyDox helps governments realize the promised benefits from an ECM with a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Fully functional within 10 minutes

Instead of spending a full day in training classes, SavvyDox users are fully productive within 10 minutes of viewing a 5-7 minute on line video tutorial. 


The documents are transmitted securely encrypted from the cloud server to purpose built iPad and PC readers.  The documents are stored encrypted on the PC and iPad using the native encryption capabilities of those devices.

Mobile and Desktop support

SavvyDox runs on an iPad or a Windows based PC. A Mac client will be available shortly.
Try our free starter offer offer – experience the ease of use of SavvyDox & validate the benefits to your organization.