Author: Dan Lesage

14 Jul Simplifying the Confusion

Managing documents, especially using collaboration, can be a very complex, confusing and frustrating process. Let’s take a look at some key issues that may be encountered. Almost everyone bumps into version control issues. If you are distributing a Word document via email, version control becomes a huge…

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27 Mar Enhanced Review for Scrivener Authoring

One of our developers came to me recently, excited about how much SavvyDox was helping him in the review cycle for a novel he’s writing. The authoring software he’s using is called Scrivener, which is popular with writers who are attempting to produce a large work. What…

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03 Mar Mac OS Reader Beta 2 Now Available

Our second (and final) beta of our Mac OS reader is now available from the downloads page. The reader is now fully functional although there remain some UI improvements, particularly in the areas of Notes that we’d like to complete before declaring it ready for…

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