SavvyDox Recognized by Silicon Review as one of 2017’s 50 Most Valuable Brands

05 Jun SavvyDox Recognized by Silicon Review as one of 2017’s 50 Most Valuable Brands

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SavvyDox, a cloud based SaaS solution delivering secure document distribution and secure document collaboration has been recognized by Silicon Review Magazine as one of the 50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2017. The article notes that SavvyDox is the world’s most advanced cloud-based document collaboration platform. The full press release can be viewed here.

SavvyDox continues to make progress in the Canadian Federal Government and is now expanding its focus to provincial and local governments in Canada. In the US, SavvyDox has Cygnacom, a Federal Government focused reseller on the East Coast and Provista, a Federal Government focused reseller on the West Coast. Two Factor Authentication will be available by early QIII and is expected to spark significant sales growth in the US Federal Government for Policy Document creation, development of executive communication, and other sensitive and/or high value document reviews.

Expanding beyond Government, SavvyDox is in discussion with four separate legal firms and has just initiated a research project with Carleton University in Ottawa that could open access to all universities across Canada.

Several companies in the contract management market are reviewing the opportunity to add SavvyDox to their offerings as a competitive differentiator and one of SavvyDox’ competitors is also in discussion regarding integration. Two legal software companies have seen the benefits of SavvyDox and are in early discussions with SavvyDox as well.

Integrations at the Government of Canada with OpenText, Active Directory, and Entrust have shown that SavvyDox can be readily integrated into Enterprise Wide environments.

SavvyDox customer benefits include measurable productivity improvements, improved security of documents to prevent “leaks”, improved document quality due to a parallel review process, and full audit trail capabilities.

SavvyDox differentiators include collaboration capabilities that not only share documents, but manage the process required to modify the content of those documents using a parallel review process that aligns with the benefits of a face to face meeting. As with a face to face meeting, all reviewers can provide their suggested changes and all reviewers can comment on others’ suggested changes ensuring that the author sees all proposed changes, not just the last one. Similar to a face to face meeting, only the document owner can change the document contents.

SavvyDox also provides the first viable replacement for Word Track Changes, providing easy to read documents that do not include the multitude of strikeouts and various colors in a standard document being reviewed. SavvyDox also aggregates all suggested changes into a side bar within MS Word that significantly improves the document owner’s productivity and for reviewers, SavvyDox highlights which pages have changed in a multi-page document eliminating the need to read the entire document to locate changes.

Many collaboration platforms suffer from hard to find documents in a complex file-folder structure developed by IT to meet the data needs of the business. Unfortunately, end users cannot relate to those complex structures and collaboration suffers. SavvyDox allows document reviewers to file the documents wherever they wish on their device and they will always be sync’d to the master copy of that document on the server while providing online and offline access to the documents.

Despite what you may think, document collaboration can derail your career as noted here.

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