SavvyDox Overview

07 Mar SavvyDox Overview

The explosion of the internet coupled with exponential increases in computing, smartphone capabilities and broadband access have sparked massive changes in today’s business environment when compared to the 1990’s.  Businesses have migrated from centralized to distributed and today’s knowledge workers can work at home just as effectively as they can work at the office.

In that distributed environment, documentation is the essential component that ensures consistency and scalability.  Documentation remains the prime method for communicating with customers whether it is collateral, contracts, quotations, or letters sent by email.  Face to face communication is critical, but documentation is almost always required to formalize a verbal discussion.

During that same period, the capabilities to control documents and document collaboration remain stuck in the 1990’s.  Sure, we now have Enterprise Content Management Systems to store documents effectively and yes, we have shared drives being used to allow multiple people to access a document, but they have not addressed the core problems of document control and collaboration, despite their promises.  Over the past few years, tools like DropBox allow more effective sharing of documents, but they don’t fully address document control and collaboration.

How do you ensure that everyone is working on the same version of a document?  How do you manage collaboration using documentation that becomes almost unreadable when multiple people modify a document using Word Track Changes?  How do you ensure that the appropriate people have reviewed and approved a document before it is released?  How do you handle document reviews – is it a serial process that requires each reviewer to either check out and then check in a document into an enterprise content management system OR is it a pseudo parallel review process that allows multiple people to access and change the contents of a document on the fly?  If you are the author of the document, are you 100% certain that you have reviewed and approved all the changes before the document is issued under your name?  What happens if you didn’t pick up an incorrect change and the document goes out under your signature?  If security is important, how do you prevent document leaks?  Can someone save the document on their desktop so that it can no longer be revoked and they can send it to whomever they want?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about those time wasters and you just work away using tools that have been in existence for many years.  It’s time to break out and improve productivity, reduce elapsed time, increase security, improve the quality of your documents, and make life easier.  SavvyDox is a cloud based SaaS solution that was built to address those problems and more!  Go ahead, check it out at and schedule a presentation and demo today.  It’s intuitive, easy to use, and most importantly, you can have it up and running in a day!