Publish & Receive Feedback Easily

Send out documents without switching applications

Publish with tools you already use for authoring. Use the SavvyDox Add-in for Microsoft Word, or publish directly from your web browser or content management system. Specify recipients by their email addresses. Updated documents are sent out securely. You can also revoke documents so the original recipients no longer have access.

All reviewers can suggest changes, but no one else can make changes to your document— control stays in your hands.


Changes are highlighted for quick scanning

In other systems tracked changes can be a nightmare to decipher. With so many colors from multiple authors, and revisions and comments all mixed together, it’s hard to see what’s important.

In SavvyDox, everything you need to know about document changes is in a simple highlighted frame. See immediately how many changes have been made. Tap to look at each revision in context, so you can understand what has been changed and why.

Only see the changes since you last reviewed the document — not all of the changes since the beginning! And you don’t have to remember to turn revision tracking on and off — SavvyDox handles it automatically.


Review together to keep the conversation going

In many content management systems, only one reviewer can have a document checked out at a time, bogging down the entire process. And there’s no easy easy way to share a discussion about the document. Email picks up the pace a little, but reviewers miss out on seeing what others say. Feedback gets duplicated or rehashed in the next round of reviews

SavvyDox publishes the latest version to all of your reviewers at once. Get the speed of a parallel review and the synergy of considering everyone’s comments in real time. Reviewers can respond to other reviewers comments with a linked thread, create personal notes, share notes privately with the document owner or publicly to all reviewers.

The document owner decides what is incorporated into the master document, avoiding a mishmash of styles from different authors.