Ovum’s SWOT Analysis of SavvyDox Identifies Key Differentiators

30 Mar Ovum’s SWOT Analysis of SavvyDox Identifies Key Differentiators

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ovum, a market leading research and consulting business, has released an updated SWOT analysis of SavvyDox, a cloud based SaaS application with several key differentiators that simplify and secure document distribution and collaboration. Sue Clarke, Senior Ovum Analyst, notes, “Any organization that uses document collaboration and document review processes should consider SavvyDox.”

Building on success in the Government of Canada, SavvyDox will be expanding into the US Federal Government with the addition of capabilities supporting Two Factor Authentication solutions. Typical Government use cases include distribution of confidential executive meeting documents, Policy Document Creation, Development of External Executive Communication, and Contract Reviews. Complementing the Government success, SavvyDox is expanding into the legal vertical with a regional Systems Integrator in Canada. The first implementation in the research vertical at Carleton University will commence in May.

When asked why an enterprise should consider SavvyDox, Ms. Clarke notes: “A major selling point for SavvyDox is that document recipients are given clean documents without cross-outs, multicolored additions to the text, and comments. All notes are located in textboxes, and although reviewers can suggest changes, only the author can make actual changes to the document. These features will be attractive to any organization that creates collaborative documents and will be of use across a wide range of industries. Another feature, which is valuable in quality assurance, safety policies, and International Standards Organization (ISO) processes, is the compliance-related statistics provided by the product, which identify to the author who has read which pages of a circulated document.”

Ms. Clarke also notes: “Managing document collaboration effectively, if not handled appropriately, is a difficult and complex process. Many types of documents involve multiple contributors, several revisions, and little control over what actions individuals are able to take with the documents on which they are collaborating. SavvyDox offers a secure document distribution and collaboration solution, which allows users to review documents and make changes, which are presented as thumbnails at the side of the page, rather than in the main body of the text, making it easy for the author to see where changes have been suggested without rendering the document unreadable.”

This complements a 2015 report from Terri McClure of the Enterprise Strategy Group that also identifies key SavvyDox differentiators: “The workforce needs to do more than just share files. It needs to manage content and workflow to enable greater productivity and more efficient collaboration. Basic file sharing is a good start, but productivity gains come from tracking and managing which steps in the workflow are required, which have been accomplished, and who is responsible, all surrounded by appropriate mechanisms to track activities and document history, and keep lines of communication open and teams in step. SavvyDox is not an EFSS solution, nor is it an ECM solution, but rather a complementary technology that works in conjunction with one or both. Positioning itself as a disruptive technology, SavvyDox sits between EFSS and enterprise content management (ECM), offering what appears to be those missing capabilities that could support seamless mobile enterprise collaboration for PC, Mac, and mobile users.”

The full Ovum SWOT analysis can be downloaded from here. The full ESG report can be downloaded from here.

About SavvyDox

Founded in 2011, SavvyDox is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. SavvyDox solves document collaboration issues for enterprises, government and publishers, all within an enterprise grade, private or public cloud based secure infrastructure. For more info, visit: http://www.savvydox.com/

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