Decide what changes you want to see.

Most documents give you all or nothing — either you see a tangle of tracked changes or you get a clean document and have to hunt for changes yourself.

SavvyDox keeps track of the last version you read, making it simple to see only changes that are new to you. No need to read three separate drafts to get up to speed.

In fact, SavvyDox lets you compare the current version of the document to any previous version. Want to see the differences between the second draft and the fifth? You’ve got it with the tap of a finger.

Keep personal notes for your own use.

With most systems, it’s impossible to create persistent private notes on a communal document. Annotations on paper are lost the next time a new version is printed. Annotations on digital versions are overwritten or left behind with every update.

SavvyDox makes it simple to add permanent personal notes to a document — notes that are automatically transferred to new versions and only deleted when you choose to delete them

Organize documents yourself
and find them more quickly.

With content management systems, you have to log in and search through someone else’s directory structure to find what you’re looking for. With email, you have to download and save every individual attachment.

SavvyDox gives you ease and flexibility in bringing order to your documents. Your dashboard contains all the documents you need to know about. Group documents into collections in a way that makes sense to you. By project. By timeline. By type. And use the search feature to quickly pull things from your collections.

Smart tagging automates your collection.

Manual organization is laborious and prone to error. You save duplicates, lose versions, or forget where you put something.

In SavvyDox, you can tag a document so it’s always delivered to a specific folder in your app. Every time a new version is published, it appears there automatically. Get out of the way and let SavvyDox do the organizational work for you.