Access documents anywhere, anytime.

Executives, field workers, and clients are travelling between buildings, factories, construction sites, and countries. They’re out in the field, taking trains, airplanes, and limousines. They can’t haul a big pile of paper with them, and even a laptop can be too much.

SavvyDox lets you access the documents you need on a lightweight tablet. Wherever you are, you’re prepared to make decisions and get work done.

Updated documents and changes are pushed to you.

People work around their document management systems by emailing documents as attachments. But it’s easy to miss a message among hundreds received each day. Or to open an email with the wrong version of the document.

With SavvyDox, you get notified when documents are published or updated. The latest version is automatically synced to your mobile device.

Open the document and see what has changed with a few taps. How many changes? Where are they? Now you know. Compare any version to any previous version.