Distributing medical protocols? Deliver mission-critical documents to the front lines.

Nurses need to know the latest patient protocols so they can implement them immediately to save lives or money. But with current systems that rely on paper, websites, or email, how can you be confident that nurses have the crucial information they need?

In today’s hospitals, iPads are being deployed for patient record tracking and other medical systems. SavvyDox lets you push vital protocols to devices already in nurses’ hands. They can be fully productive in 10 minutes, organizing documents into groups and reviewing highlighted changes. They can even add private notes to help them recall knowledge they’ve gained on the floor. And you have detailed reports assuring you that staff members have read the protocols they need act on.

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Publishing standard operating procedures? Make sure they’re getting read.

The risks and liabilities for ongoing operations in demanding industries can be enormous. And the documents that minimize those risks are useless unless they’re reviewed and followed by everyone involved. You don’t want people waiting until they get back to the office to check a key detail.

With SavvyDox, you can guarantee that employees have current copies of all the procedures they need, right in their messenger bag. Cut back on costly mistakes and needless rework. Monitor who is reading what to ensure compliance and satisfy audit requirements.